Monday, March 7, 2011

Gran Agave

152 East Bridge St.
Homestead, PA 15120

Gran Agave is located in the Waterfront of Homestead, PA. An authentic Mexican restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA = ballsy. Pittsburgh has its chain Mexican restaurants, all of which are good. But an authentic Mexican restaurant is definitely a risk.

We were meeting some friends at the Waterfront and decided to grab dinner before meeting them. We got down there at around 6:15pm and had to park close to California. It gets packed very early, so get there earlier. We tried Rock Bottom but of course there was a wait and no seats at the bar. We had just had a bad experience at Yokoso so we did not want to risk it. So we went to Gran Agave and were seated right away.

After waiting roughly fifteen minutes, our waitress finally came to get our drink orders. I’ve had chain Mexican restaurant margaritas and wanted to see how it compared, so we ordered one. You know when you go to a fast food joint and the fountain drink tastes like pure syrup? Well, magnify that by a million and that is a margarita from Gran Agave. I forced down maybe four gulps and did not get a slight taste of tequila, only syrup. After the four sips my stomach was already churning. I put it aside and hoped the food would be better.

My chicken burrito and Stacy’s chicken taco salad came out quick. So that was a plus after it took a while to get our drink orders in. We could immediately tell that there was something off about the chicken. My burrito sat in a pool of water from what looked like chicken that was frozen prior to cooking. Stacy’s chicken taco salad was not a taco salad but more of a pool of chewy chicken. We were not impressed with the food, at all. I ate a decent amount of my burrito because I was hungry. But my stomach hated me for several hours after.

The employees were nice, but the food and drinks were mediocre at best. I’ve had authentic Mexican several times in the past and this place did not even compare. We were not impressed and will not be returning.


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