Monday, January 24, 2011


242 S. Highland Ave. #100
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Typhoon is located on South Highland Avenue which is on the border of Shadyside and East Liberty. The neighborhood is far enough away from the raucous of Walnut Street yet still has its own distinct stores. Just down the street, the gentrification of East Liberty flourishes.

Entering is somewhat comical as it is reminiscent of a young thespian attempting to find the opening in the stage curtain. I spent what seemed like an eternity finding the seam in the entrance drapery. When I finally did, the majority of the diners were staring at me in anticipation as if I were Jerry Seinfeld about to do stand-up. 

Finally in the restaurant, I was pleased with the ambiance. Contemporary yet not over the top. Original, yet soothing colors. Fancy yet inviting. Each group is seated at a proper distance apart so you can hear your group but your neighbor's conversations are muffled.

Our pleasant waiter was there in a heartbeat and was detailed while remaining simple in his descriptions of the Thai cuisine. I opted for the Shrimp Pad Thai, four out of ten on the Spicy Richter Scale. Stacy decided to diminish my masculine flame and went with a seven out of ten. 

Stacy was in the midst of describing her 58,254 bridemaid's dresses for the upcoming wedding season when our food came out to save the day. The over sized mound of deliciousness swayed Stacy’s attention from laced sequence or God knows what to the meal at hand. Once we started to feast, I don't think we said a word. Or maybe we did and I just wasn't listening. Regardless, the point is the Pad Thai was delicious and stole my attention. 

After I unbuttoned my belt and allowed my food baby to laze, the waiter brought over the damage in an Asian-themed Yahtzee cup. I didn’t know whether to insert my debit card or roll for that much-needed four-of-a-kind.

Overall, this restaurant is one of my top five favorites in Pittsburgh. I will be returning.


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  1. I have voted Typhoon one of the best date-night restaurants in Pittsburgh. This is where I took my boyfriend for his birthday back in September.