Monday, February 21, 2011

Yokoso Japanese Steak House

153 E. Bridge St.
Homestead, PA 15120

Stacy and I went to the Waterfront for our Friday dinner date. Initially, we were thinking P.F. Chang’s. “Ummm, it’ll be about a two hour wait” says the peppy hostess. Eff that. Next stop, Rock Bottom. “Hmm, it’ll be about an eight day wait. Do you want me to put your name down?” No. Next, Gran Agave. “How about you try again sometime in July.” Then, from the heavens, a light shines on Yokoso. “We can seat you right now.” Hibachi it is.

Now, when I think Hibachi, I think bursting flames that singe your eyebrows, shrimp flying through the air like a circus act, stacks and stacks of vegetables that leave you immobile after consumption, hilarious Hibachi chefs that are comedians during their day jobs. The general ambiance created a great initial impression. Then our chef came. Felipe was his name.

We were prepared for high-flying seafood acrobatics, but it never came. Not a single shrimp tossed at my face, not a single onion volcano, not a single joke from Felipe about how Americans are morons. The food was decent, but could have easily been cooked at home. The service was excellent minus Felipe’s nonchalant attitude towards Hibachi.

Maybe Felipe just had an off night. Even Jordan never had a perfect game. If you’re looking for crazy Hibachi, unfortunately I just can’t recommend Yokoso. It’s good, just not the best.


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  1. its greats because yokoso has never had a chef named felipe